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Thread: DemonIAm's "Not another damned MX-5" thread

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    I support this

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    Hmmm, not too bad.

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    that thick cable maybe a CD changer cable?

    Either way, lookin forward to see the progress!!

    Protege to MX-5 lineage
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    I drove it in to work. The engine and clutch feel very strong. No unusual sounds, not even HLA tap. Steering is very tight, but then again this does not have power steering.

    The front seal leaks bad, as in smoke coming up from the hood at stops. I think the oil pressure gauge, or maybe the oil pump, might be failing. Oil Pressure reads at 30 when cold idle, and 45 at cold throttle. Then it reads 15 hot idle, and 30 hot throttle. *shrug*

    Looks like he tried to do the soft top with sheet metal screws instead of rivets... so that will need re-doing.
    Brand new battery installed at mileage 101,101. Need to find the sensor that goes in top of the thermostat housing, as well

    Yeah, the blue cord was for a cd changer.

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    Oil smoke? Unless the oil is getting thrown up onto the header by the belts then its not from your front seal, and if it is then it shouldn't be smoking. Do you have an under tray on both cars? I need one... trade ya for eyeballs? :P

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    yeah, oil's getting tossed all about the place. Kinda gross

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    she's a dirty girl.
    roadster love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonIAm View Post
    yeah, oil's getting tossed all about the place. Kinda gross
    Ask me how I knew... lol.

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    Over the last 2-3 days, I've been doing intense "Scent Therapy" with the interior. The car is 85% deodorized, smelling like chemical flowers (not pleasant, but moreso than cat spray).

    I finished the soft top install. The top is so tight that it is difficult to latch. I have not leak-tested it yet.

    I need to replace the "power steering belt" (in quotes b/c I have no p/s). It is about halfway chewed through, and oil soaked.

    The GF is borrowing Ailish for the day, so I am going to gamble on this car getting me home and back. Thankfully I have AAA, just-in-case.

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    Oh, and 2 of the VC bolts, on the front, are snapped off. How to remove, please?

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