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Thread: D Prepared Build Thread

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    D Prepared Build Thread

    So, as some of you know I'm planning on sort of taking the Miata and turning it up to 11 in the coming years (yes, this is a very long term build), and I didn't want to further clutter up my already cluttered up STS build thread.

    What I want this thread for at this point is as you may have guessed, planning. Bouncing around ideas (for the foreseeable future, mostly focused on weight reduction), documenting parts accumulation and eventually towards the end of 2010, a massive de-construction of the miata.

    The goal is a dual-threat machine, with the competitive emphasis being on D Prepared autocross, but also, eventually as time and budget allow, as a track day / hill climb / time trials car.

    The end result, for those that may not know what a D Prepared Miata looks like, is something like this (essentially an E/F Production club-race car):

    For the record: Yes, she will run most of this season (if not all) in STS trim. After that, depending on a few things, the evolution (Eviloution if you will) will begin.

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    1 of the biggest "need" expenses besides a roll bar (as required by the rules) is a good set of wheels. I had a few options I was throwing around:

    1. Cheap as F, I could go with boat anchor Diamond Racing wheels. They'd get the job done but sort of go against the very principle of the initial phase of this build: drop as much weight as possible (without spending mad $$), especially unsprung and rotating mass. Not really great looking either (I'm a sucker of function WITH form if I can have it)

    2. At the opposite end of the spectrum are SERIOUSLY crazy money, flyweight wheels, Keisers for example. I really didn't want to go that light, and I wanted a wheel that I wouldn't have to worry about bending or cracking every time I ran over a pebble. These were definitely out.

    3. Panasport ULs. We're starting to come back down out of the stratosphere here. Still really spendy. They're light AND strong, and admit it, who doesn't like how a set of Panasports look on a Miata? I know I do. And I REALLY had to fight with the decision, but in the end they just turned out to be too much money compared to the alternates.

    4. Superlite Minis. They're basically panasport look-a-likes, weigh just a pound or 2 more, but weren't really offered in an offset I was happy with. They could work, but if I was putting up money (I was), I wanted something that I would buy and would work as I wanted to. I was very close to buying these

    5. Real Racing wheels. Ugly as sin, and for the price, pretty heavy. But, they would be custom-made to my exact application.

    6. I stumbled over the Spin Werkes section on Racer Parts Wholesale's website and was fairly certain they were winners. They were less expensive than some of the other realistic options (Panasports, Real Racing), weigh the same or less, look decent (better than the Reals, worse than the Panasports lol), be very strong, and would be made custom to my application. You can ask anyone I've been discussing this with, I flip-flopped a LOT with the decision, but I couldn't justify spending more money and getting less wheel for my dollar.

    Last week these shiny little things showed up:

    Spin Werkes series 82s, 8.4lb each (about 1lb lighter than advertised!) in 13x7, 4" backspace. Hubcentric for the miata, with the Mazda-fitment 60* tapered lug seats with Mazda-fitment 12mm bolt-holes, in 4x100. When I say custom, I mean they can make them pretty much however you want them

    So, after a couple months (without budget) of deliberation, when the budget was there, that's 1 major building block sorted

    For those wondering why a 7" wheel would poke out so far on a miata: we'll eventually be running 9.5" wide cantilever bias-ply slicks (they'll look more or less like this), so you need that room on the inside to prevent any interference with the suspension.

    And to head off the "why only run 7" wheels!?": it's a wheel width limited class. You're allowed to run up to a 7" wheel without penalty. Anything between 7 and 10" incurs a 75lb weight penalty. Since I'm going to be pretty under-powered, I'm going for class-minimum weight if at all possible.

    The next, and biggest phase, will be weight reduction, but it's late and so I'll pick that up tomorrow
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    I have quite a weight reduction pile going on myself, I've been wanting to get weights on things. Maybe I'll do that sometime this week.
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    Oh my!

    I knew this was coming, but still...
    roadster love.

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    great googley moogely

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    Quote Originally Posted by roy obanion View Post
    Oh my!

    I knew this was coming, but still...

    Quote Originally Posted by mx-p5 View Post
    great googley moogely
    Yeah, that's pretty much what I said the 1st time I saw a prepared class car. Want!
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    Just for starters...

    The easy stuff:
    -The wheel / tire package will drop about 40 lb total (going from about a 35 lb combo with street tires to about a 25 lb combo with slicks) by itself.
    -Gut the dash (eventually remove it and replace with a light 'cover')
    -Remove all the audio equipment
    -Pull the bumper supports
    -Get the heavy ass stock-type battery out
    -Pull the ballast off of the seats (5 lb total lol),
    -The windshield surround
    -Side and 'sail' glass
    -Soft top
    -The headlights, motors and hinges
    -A lighter intake
    -Gutting the tail lights to only keep the brake lights (Not a necessity, but if I want to track the car it would probably be for the best)
    -Windshield washer bottle
    -The carbon canister for the evap system (any reason should keep that?)
    -Windshield wipers and motor
    -Inner fender liners
    -Turn signals and the side markers
    -Trim the rear bumper

    The expensive stuff:
    -Fuel tank (replace with a 5 gal fuel cell)
    -Redoing the wiring harness, getting rid of much un-necessary wire
    -lightweight shocks
    -lighter, tubular control arms
    -lighter spindles
    -lighter calipers (wilwood maybe)

    what am I missing?
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    Where you gonna get wider fenders?
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    Mazdaspeed Motorsports, makes a widebody, and IIRC there are a couple others as well.
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    mmmmmmmmmm sub sounds good right about now
    but i guess subing to this will have to do it for me
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