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Thread: Before and after a long overdue waxing

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    Thanks! I am thinking of Koni shocks to replacemy worn factory ones when I can, nd the valve cover I wish I could powdercoat a gloss black. Bit overall, happy with how my car is turning out.

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    She looks great!

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    2 more years later, waxed it again. Lots of changes since the OP. I have a set of Nextmod side skirts to install now before The Mitty, as well as another attempt to get the bumper flush before going up.

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    wow, man. that's really nice. The side skirts are great

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    I have been looking for pics or a how-to on mounting them, but I think i am on my own.

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    Hope you use a lot of wax to last you 2 more years! lol
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    Meguiars NXT. It's good enough. I did clay off a a lot of crap, tossed the claybar after. Discovered 12 good chunks in the paint. Bigger than chips. But fugget, not a showcar.

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    You still have the touch up paint I gave you right? Just use that..
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    That was bad. But I have the bottle from when the bumper was replaced last year and hood repainted. 7 chunks in front bumper, and a spot where a rock bounced off the hood were found.

    On a side note, I re-rigged my bumper to sit flush. sanded up the bumper mounting crap under the headlight, as well as bumper. Then put adhesion promoter, then 3M 2 sided molding adhesive. 1 side went great. 2nd pack of promoter was bunk-dried. Didn't hold. Trip back to NAPA for a new pack and another attempt later on. Hope this stuff holds.

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