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Thread: Bought one today

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    oh my grandma, what big mouth you have.
    Ammaar - Stock 03 Pro LX updated with some of that ish.

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    Nice and Congrats! So, driving impressions?

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    So far I am more than pleased. It has a really nice car-like ride and the handling is pretty good; it doesn't feel like it is going to roll in the corners as much as the Tribute did. I just need to get used to parking the thing. It is quite a bit bigger and I haven't gotten the hang of pulling it into tight parking spaces yet. It has the backup camera which is kind of handy when you are backing out of a tight area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbNYMZ6 View Post
    It has the backup camera which is kind of handy when you are backing over the heads of your enemies and crushing their skulls.
    hummm I thought so too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judman13 View Post
    hummm I thought so too!!
    I paid extra for that.

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    I was headed to work this morning and a black CX-9 was right there with me for several miles. We both turned into the same office park. And then this afternoon, I'm waiting at the light to turn out of the office park and that same black CX-9 pulls up behind me. We followed each other all the way to my exit off the freeway- about 20 minutes worth of commute time.

    Good looking SUV.

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