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Thread: A few CX7 Questions

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    A few CX7 Questions

    I'm looking at purchasing a 2007 CX7 from my brother. It has barely over 25k miles. It's got everything except AWD and Navi. Are there any trouble spots or issues I need to look at before purchasing this car?

    - Jeremy

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    I checked out the CX7 last night, didnt drive it though. I LOVE HIDs! I'm a tall guy and I thought I'd have trouble fitting in there but I fit perfect. Back seat has plenty of room even for me. What I noticed is when I shut the driver door it feels like it's hollow, but when I shut the passenger door is shuts very cleanly. I noticed on my old P5 that it did the same thing, I wonder why? Is it like this on all Mazda's?
    - Jeremy

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    surprinsgly the cx7 doesnt have too many problems from what I have seen There is an 07 up here w/ 250+k (km). I am sure its coming close to 300k now. There is nothing wrong with it. The steering wheel is a bit worn, but other than that its in good shape. Dont expect any fuel economy out of the thing. And iirc tire options are limited for the 18s.
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    Yeah not too worried about the mpgs...18/24 is about the norm for any suv. We usually take trips to visit the fam - 400miles. I could squeeze maybe 26 out of it. I can only get 32 in my Accord. I can deal with getting 6mpg and using premium.
    - Jeremy

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    How about smoke? I have read that the CX-7's are prone to the same seal issues as the MS3....very surprising, huh? lol

    I have been looking at them as well as we are looking to replace the MPV.

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    Well shit, I totally missed this thread! We have had a CX-7 since July 2006, one of the first shipment to the USA. Not sure if you purchased it or not, but early CX-7s needed a lot of ECU and TCM reflashes to properly run and drive well. There was a recall for the VVT Actuator thing. The PCV system does suck, resulting in our turbo being replaced when spoke spewed out of it. The early CX-7s have shitty AC compressors that fail like clockwork. Ours did at 30K. Everything was fixed per warranty. We have 60K plus miles on our CX-7. It has been overall, a great car for us.

    One of the more recent big issues out there, we have not had (knock on wood) is the timing chain failing. When it does, motor time. Just to replace the timing chain is $1100. Motor at dealer $12K.

    So 2007, not the best year. 2008+ is best.

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    Yeah we wound up purchasing it. $14k out the door, couldnt turn it down. Has just over 30k on it now. I'm not sure if it's an early 2007 or not, I'll have to check that. Hopefully we got one of the lucky ones!
    - Jeremy

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    I was looking on the inner door panel and saw it was built (3/07). I also saw a sticker above that. See below. WTF is this? Also found this - SW-L33NET000

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    - Jeremy

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    OMG, your motor was blown. That is the part number for the engine case!

    OK, just kidding. It got an ECU reflash in 2008. Here is the details:

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