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Thread: Ms6 issue

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    Ms6 issue

    The car is done, except the fuel pump for a week or two

    Issue, Fuel cut, feels exaxtly like my MSP did in cold weather when it had the 2.0l in it.

    It cuts at 8psi, and the AFR's are still good and rich. Is there a fix, like the old JoeP FCD I can use to aleviate the issue for the rest of the winter season?

    I am aware the dangers of an FCD, Ive used them, I know how to watch them. I just need a fix, So i can properly test the system without having to wait for +20C weather, two months from now.

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    Hm, problem may be solved, apparently a CPE standback came in the mail today.

    how pleasant.

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    Was it a surprise CPE standback? If so, that's friggin awesome
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    standback will iron out your AFRs and it'll control your boost, but it will not help you with weather-related cuts... these cars are f*ckin weird with fuel/boost cuts.

    The best solution - CPe's flashes. They have 3 out now, and one of them is exactly for the cuts.. you should definitely consider it. I'm getting one next week.

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