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Thread: Updated Welcome Thread (and Thanks)

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    what ever happened to the "donate for a t-shirt" idea? i want a shirt
    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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    Ack, alas we still haven't decided on a new logo... thus holding up production of said shirt.
    2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R
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    bah - git'r'dun
    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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    Yeah, I sent an email this morning to Rickman telling him how to proceed.
    2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R
    2008 Mazdaspeed3 (daily)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdhaudio83 View Post
    Yeah, I sent an email this morning to Rickman telling him how to proceed.
    Saweet! Joo gets another vote from me for the Amoco contest now. haha

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    i think we definately need a show and shine or some kind of member show off section under each car section.

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    New here and new 2nd time owner

    Hi, I just wanted to post something, a little about me I guess. 24/F. I purchased a 95 Protege DX, 1.8L, manual, purple w/ gray int, at 80k mi, back in 03. Had for about 5 years until a guy not paying attention rear ended me at a stop light so hard he went under my car and rammed me into a jeep with a tow hitch. Busted my radiator and squished my car. By that time it wasnt worth much but I LOVED HER!!!!

    Anyways, in my time owning it I put about 180K mi on it. I replaced the timing belt (duh), right caliper, exhaust (tends to rust right behind the cat), and the ac compressor. I would have had do the gaskets and all but alas, the car was murdered.

    Ive been driving an automatic 98 626 for the last 9m till the tranny started going (hated that freaking car with the freaking auto trans). I didnt even finish paying it off yet...I still owed $235. I wanted a manual protege when I bought that POS but none to be found at the time.

    I picked up my new baby today ...01 Protege, manual, 1.8L, blk mica w/ beige int (hating the beige but I can fix that). Im so excited! My dad helped me buy this cause im broker than shit and cant and wont do car payments. ill have a fun time paying him back . I needed to get to work and class and he felt really bad about the 626 dying in only 9m, which he helped me pick out and really pushed me to buy.
    I now know my mistake...I will never buy automatic again. I didnt want it in the first place...I LOVE manual...most people think im crazy...Except for my car buddies and the people who know. Stick is so much better and I love telling guys I drive stick...its a hoot.

    Anyways, I really want to baby her and make her look good. thinking about body kits, rims, changing the rear and front lights to smoked, gonna put my dvd player in there, already got my floor mats and steering wheel cover in, getting seat covers soon, new stick shift, want a new boot for e-brake and shifter ( i like the rubber accordion style, old and whatever but i do), ordered two shifter knobs (cause I couldnt decide), and I really REALLY want to change the interior to grey or black (dont know how or how much). Those are just some ideas. Ill be posting some pics of her soon...

    I know...I talk alot but im finally in what I want to drive again and im so excited.
    The other toys I want... 3rd gen rx7 and 93-95 3kgt.

    A girl can dream right?

    Well anywho. HI everyone

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    Welcome! and Hi
    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    Welcome aboard and make sure you join us in May for our 3rd annual Mazda Corral @ Lime Rock Park! You'll have a great time with all of our friends from all over.

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