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    So this was recently brought to my attention:

    I double checked my manual and sure enough. It seems that I've been using the wrong fluid in my transmission for a little over 30,000 miles.

    According to this link:
    Using a Mercon V equivalent when M-V (multi-vehicle) fluid is specified, is NOT recommended.

    I had been using Red Line D4 which is Mercon V equivalent.

    Mobil offers the correct fluid:

    It's a little strange though- when I ordered my Lentech VB, I asked the guy what fluid they recommend using. He said Mercon V. Since they deal so much more with the Focus transmission, could the Focus be just enough different and need the Mercon V?

    Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this than I should. But I went through ATX problems on my last Mazda (I think I was out about $2500) and Jeg just went through his problem (and was out $3000) and I'd really rather not do that again.

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    why did they have to get rid of M-III. it was sooo much easier to remember...haha. but yeah, if you have mercon V i'd get that outta there and goto m-v.

    thought, i flushed my system and put in amsoil ATF which looks like its good for everything.
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    I haven't looked in my manual but the notice that was posted on 247 doesn't list the Protege?

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    But I confirmed that my manual DOES say ATF M-V.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MazdaTom View Post
    But I confirmed that my manual DOES say ATF M-V.
    hmmmmmm.....guess I should double check my manual too.

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    Our cars DO require M-V fluid. I got into a discussion about this last year with someone but they didn't listen to me.. so I let them get the wrong fluid. Just look at your tranny fluid dip sticks.. it says M V right on it.
    And I've used that Mobil1 fluid for 50K miles now.. absolutely awesome!!

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    I'm a total dumbass. I assumed M-V was just an abbreviation for Mercon V.

    Where did you buy that Mobil stuff?

    I haven't noticed any ill effects with my Red Line D4. I've had it in for about 32,000 miles or so.

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    Just got a response back from Red Line. Apparently the D4 fluid that I've been running IS the correct fluid afterall.

    I stopped at Autozone on the way home and bought 8 qts of Castrol Multi-vehicle too. Oh well. Return it tomorrow I guess.

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    When I go in for my required 2 week check up on my tranny I will ask them what they put in my car, I don't have to worry anyways, because if they break it they fix it!
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    I bought my Mobil1 fluid at Wal-Mart actually.. it was only $7 a quart compared to almost $8 anywhere else.

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