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Thread: HOW TO: FC rear control arm pivot bushings

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    HOW TO: FC rear control arm pivot bushings

    OK This is how to replace the rear control arm pivot bushings (NOT THE DTSS BUSHINGS)

    Start by removing the control arm from the vehicle

    The BOTTOM on the control arm has a pivot bushing that over time will stiffen up and not flex like it should (or just the opposite wear and get to loose).

    Locate the bushing to be replaced

    Use a small screwdriver and remove the rubber dust seal from both sides of the pivot bushing

    Next clean all of the old grease out of the bushing with brake cleaner and locate the snap ring that holds the bushing in the arm

    I went to the local store and bought a CHEAP snap ring plier

    Remove the snap ring from the bushing

    Then turn the control arm upside down so the end of the bushing with the snap ring is facing downward..

    Using a screwdriver move the internal pivot so that it is centered up and down.

    Get a socket that fits on the end of the pivot bushing (on the end of the bushing)
    get a hammer and hit the socket so it will push the bushing out of the arm

    Once the bushing i removed, get your brake cleaner and a towel and clean the inside as best as you can.

    next get some sort of lube (I used White grease) and put it on the inner sleeve in the control arm and on the outer shell of the new pivot bushing

    flip the control arm the other direction as so u can push the new bushing in.

    set the bushing in the control arm by hand and center it

    Next get another socket that is larger then the inner pivot but small enough to sit on the "sleeve" on the new bushing

    Lightly tap the new bushing into the control arm until it is flush against the back.

    get some bearing grease and apply a small amount to both sides of the bushing

    get your new rubber dust sleeves and push them in (if u have a hard time pushing them in use a flat blade screwdriver on its side and push them in, be careful not to rip the new cover)

    Finished product

    Parts needed for 2 control arms

    Pivot bushing x2 FB01-26-230
    rubber dust seal x4 FB01-26-250
    snap ring x2 9957-43-000

    tools needed:
    tiny phillips screwdriver
    snap ring pliers
    brake cleaner
    bearing grease
    white lithium grease
    hammer (preferable a 3lb sledge)
    14mm deep socket (to put on the pivot to push the bearing out)
    18mm socket (to put around the pivot to push the bearing in)

    Time for 2 arms:
    roughly 30 minutes

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    thx I wish I had more pics

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