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Thread: How To: Hardwired Install Radar Detector

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    How To: Hardwired Install Radar Detector

    Tap into a switched 12v power line from the dome light area.

    I did this on a MS3 which don't have sunroofs, but it should also work on all MZ3s as well.

    I hate having unnecessary wires trailing all about the car like this:

    What you need:
    • wire tap
    • hardwiring kit for your device
    • pliers

    What is switched 12v?
    Switched means that the power goes on/off when you turn the car on/off. This is useful for radar detectors (or GPS units, or anything else that needs power). If you just tapped into a power line then you would have to manually turn on and off the unit to avoid it just sitting there draining your battery.

    How To:
    You need to pull out the dome light panel:

    You could use a flathead screwdriver if you're really careful, but I was able to do it bare handed. Just manage to get a finger underneath the panel and pull it straight down. The whole unit is surrounded by clips, so you will need to use a lot more force than feels safe. Get as fingers underneath and on both sides if possible. Then just pull down, and don't freak when it pops off with a loud noise.

    There is a connector from the headliner to the panel, just unclip it and you're left with this:

    This is the panel from the inside:

    There is a black loomed wire bundle in the panel, it is wrapped in black electrical tape too.

    You can pull the wires out from part of the loom.

    Find the pink wire with the yellow stripe. This is the switched 12v line.

    Just pull the wire out as much as possible and use a wire tap, which looks like this:

    Here you can see the tap on the pink/yellow wire, the black wire is the positive cable from the radar detector wire:

    Use a pair of pliers to push the metal bit through both wires, and close up the plastic tap enclosure. For this type of thin wire you'll want a blue taps.

    Then take the negative side of the cable and screw it down with the handy screw that is right next to the wire loom.

    Here you can see the tap on the left for positive, and the screw on the right for negative.

    Now just tuck all the excess wiring away (watch out for the notoriously sharp metal edges).

    And push/pull your connector through the headliner to come down right by the rear-view mirror.

    Pop the dome light panel back in (remembering to connect it again).

    2008.5 MAZDASPEED3 GT

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    Simple and clean. great job!

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    Nice, complete DIY. Thanks for posting it up.

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    I used to have my psp hardwired into my Dakota, including the sound output. watching movies on the go, and playing SOCOM with the sound system hooked up was the best.

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