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Thread: How To: KL-ZE Swap in to a Protege

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    Hi! I am Evgen. I am from Russia. I have Mazda Familia. It is like Protege, but from Japan and right-hand drive. In my Mazda is 1,5 l engine ZL-DE, Automatic 2WD transmission. I want to swap KL-ZE with automatic transmission too. But in Russia we have no experience swap KL-ZE engines. And I have some questions.
    How I know, in my Mazda shaft drives are like in Protege 2,0 l., 2 WD, automatic transmission. But what shaft drives I need for transmission of KL-ZE?
    Can I install KL-ZE in regular place? Or I need make new openings for mount?
    Thanks a lot!
    P.S. I'm sorry for my english.
    Mazda Familia, ZL-DE, 2WD, 2001, hatchback

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    Hi every one, joe here from NB canada, i really need help with the wiring harness, like, the entire thing? when it comes to the mechanical work, im fine, have no problems with it, im not new in putting things under hoods that were not ment to be there. like my old 93 honda accord lx, i managed to put a v6 under its hood, and got it working, thankfully the older accords and much easier to work on the newer cars. but unfortunatly the car died, big time, like 4 of 6 pistons blew right threw the block, so, i managed to picked up my 2002 mazda protege dx, 2.0l fs for $300 and want to put power under the hood without turboing it, hate turbos, they give power at decreased engine life, i like a car were it has power and can go for years.

    back to topic, i can easily get ahold of everything for the swap, engine, transmission,ecu, everything. i can even reflash to ecu if need be, but right now, if someone can say, do up a wiring diagram for this swap, all the wires that need to be spliced from both wiring harness's and combine them into one, THAT would help me a great deal. or if someone can "MAKE" me a wiring harness in which i can just plug and play. i would pay them for it. literally! i would! i dont have patience for wiring and im not good at, that and i need to do it quick, the whole swap in 4 days. i can't afford to spend weeks or months to do this swap due to i need my car for work, so something quick and easy is the best course for me. as i said, im very mechanical savy, heck, i can have the engine and transmission out of a protege in just over 2 hours, by myself! so getting the KLZE bolted in and everything hooked up is a calk walk for me. ITS the DANG wiring that i need help with, if i can wire up the harness before i do the swap then its just a matter of putting car in garage, unhook cables, jack car up, take wheels off, pull axles, unhook exhaust, shift linkage, undue rad hoses, unbolt front and rear engine mount, lower car, remove hood, attach life, remove passenger and driver side mount, lift engine out, DONE! if your wondering about A/C, i removed it, it was dead, so figured why let it take up space and rob power from engine. so, back to topic again. Any help on wiring harness would very much be appreciated.

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    still runnin...........

    no probs since install. Now going to do my other (blue) MP3 KL swap
    Love my car, wouldnt trade it for nuttin

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