FYI: Installation was performed by my wife, with my assistance when needed. My girl can wrench! The intercooler we ordered is the 3".

First, go HERE and purchase the TMIC.

1) Remove the 2 snaps holding the plastic cover, attached to at the front, then pull off the cover by lifting up and pulling forward

2) Using a 10 mm socket, remove the metal TMIC cover.

3) Look at that stock TMIC. So cute.

4) Ok, enough about that cute stock TMIC. Let’s take off the old one. With a 12mm deep socket, remove the nuts and washers off the front 2 tabs.

5) With a 12mm ratcheting wrench (it will really help-tight fit), remove the rear nut, and it’s metal washer.

6) *We took off the BOV as a personal preference, just to get it out of the way for the pending procedures. You don’t necessarily have to, but because it is plastic, and is only held on with 2- 10mm bolts, we took it off. You will need to locate it (see red circle), and with pliers squeeze the clamps and remove the small hose on the front, then the big one on the back.

7) With a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the rear intercooler hose all the way for maximum play. Don’t worry, the clap is held in place, and will not slide down. Do the same for the front, but you will need a shorty phillips to do it, due to limited space

8) With the hoses loosened, pull up on the TMIC. You may have to grab and wrestle with the intercooler hoses to come loose. Once you get them loose, and the TMIC off, marvel at the comparison.

Now take out the metal bushing in the middle of the tabs, and pull the rubber grommets out for reuse.

9) See the neck on the stock intercooler? Take it off by removing the 4-10mm bolts.

10) Now you can really see the difference with the ETS Intercooler over stock

11) Now put the neck on the ETSTMIC and reinstall following these steps going back, and you are almost done. Remove the negative terminal from the battery with an 10 mm wrench. Pump brakes, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Reconnect and drive. mileage will go to crap first 50 miles or so, but go back up. We experience the traction control light coming on when we first drove it. we stopped, turned off, then restarted the car, light went away. Odd... anyway, here are the pics of it completed. It is a shame to hide it under the cover, but that is how air is fed onto the intercooler. *update: Light came on today during after the CAI install. Light stops flashing after 30 mph, and after you stop and turn off the key, and restart, the other light goes off completely.

Oh, and yes, I know I need to wipe off the smudges. It was 33 degrees out at the completion. I have since shined it up.