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    i have a p5, buts its powered via the msp stuff plus a s.s afc, atp wga at 9psi, 2.5" dp, 3" exhaust, injen sri, and custom/vibrant fmic, also msp ecu and hks ssqv bov that is vta.

    so just plain driving home tonight, and check engine light come on! I havent noticed any diffrences in the way the car feels...i do however know 2 things. 1) i am running really rich so idk what kind of cel that would throw if that is the case and 2) under heavy accel when i shift, the car jerks pretty violently back and forth right when the next gear is engaged. I can fix that if the hit the gas a little bit before the clutch is realesed, then its fine. But shiffting normally while accelerating pretty vigoursly causes the jerk.

    im going to autozone first thing after work tomorrow to get the code read. Any ideas folks? thanks

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    We can hypothesize a ton, but in the end, it won't matter once you get the code read

    Could be just about anything, running rich, EGR, MAF... let us know once you get it checked.
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    What Pat said
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    YEP! "P0140"

    defective o2 sensor/insufficent activity from o2 sensor 2 in bank 1. So my 2nd o2 sensor is fouled out from running waayyyy too rich. Problem solved, now i just need to go to protege garage so they can install my new hardpipe/bov/maf setup, install my wideband o2 guage, and tune my s.s afc then i should be 100%!!!

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    and now the cel went away by itself...

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