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Thread: 232.1whp@8.1psi

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHRiSCo
    I was running 505Zooms's MPI map when I blew it. We have basically the exact same setup so I'd like to think I was being safe by running rich.
    Hmm... I don't believe I ever sent the actual map file, because up until the last software update I couldn't save my maps or datalogs. IIRC, I just took some screen shots of the fuel and timing tables to give you guys the right idea, but those numbers needed fine tuning for your setup. I thought you told me that it needed quite a bit of changing to run good on your car though?

    See now ya got me feelin bad because this is the exact reason that I hadn't ever given out any of my maps to anyone before I did that for you, haha. Now it's gonna cost ya more than a discount on tiger woods to get my new one...(shady) And in all honesty, I am starting to wonder why you would even want it if my old one blew your shit up.:p

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    Dont feel bad, when you go user tuneable ems its the users fault if they blow it up. no discounts for j00!

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    Phrisco just a little fyi... 12psi on this turbo is nothing... its what i'm running everyday and the car is pretty fucking ballsy. I plan on upping the boost once i get rid of the car in a couple of weeks and turning it up to about 14lbs. I'm also on a MAM shortblock. Anything higher than 14 psi and youre really just blowing a lot of hot air. Its past the effeciency range on the stock turbo and its just going to spike your EGT's like a mofo.

    Anyway... yay for two built msp's maxing out the potenial of the stock turbo.


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    Phrisco, nice numbers, my setup is close to your, except I got a J&S, a custom exhaust thats 3" turbo back, and the mpnick upgrade. Need to dyno sometime when i get time out of school.

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    Those numbers can be attainable. Where you running C16? How about spraying the intercooler? Did you have a lot of timing in? Or maybe an exhaust cutout? If he was doing any or all of those, then those numbers on an aggressive tune are feasable. And also, at that POWER level, he would need more fuel then what the stock ECU can give. IIRC, when he put in the xtra injector, he was able to get more power because he had more fuel.

    I made 226whp @ 8psi, yeah it was a bigger turbo but it was not very aggressive. I him give props for taking it to the limit and showing what a little tuning and "tricks" can do!!

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    Cleaned thread up. Guys, we are a community full of enthusiats. Please stop antagonizing.

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    I made 200.3whp/213.7wtq with his same mods, and boosting only max 7.5psi for the run (settled closer to 6 at the max whp point)... on a dynojet... so I don't really see too big of a deal here.

    His boost hit 10psi, and settled to 8... 232whp.
    My boost hit 7.5psi, and settled to 6... 200.3whp.

    Figure roughly 10-12whp per psi, and he is only making an estimated 10 extra whp than I did on a dynojet... now factor in the difference in dynos, and the numbers are fine. Maybe a little high because of the type of dyno it was done on, but a lot of you guys are treating this like he is claiming something totally ridiculous here when he isn't.

    Go run it down the track or slap it on a dynojet to get some numbers that make everyone happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHRiSCo
    It's good I did that though, cause my new MAM shortblock is going in this week, but I'm still not upgrading the turbo, I hoping to run 12-14 psi.

    I've blown 2 engines, so I'd like to have the car for at least a year without upgrading the turbo and running 20 pounds.

    You might want to think that one a bit.. The Blue Dots represent 7000RPM on the FS. Notice that 15 Psi is on the outside of the Red Graph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian MP5T
    You might want to think that one a bit..

    a bit out of efficientcy there

    the 28,looks like it's damn near made for the car.

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    All dots will shift a bit to the left if they were representing 6500 RPM, so Yes, you are correct.

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