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Thread: Kitty's BHA suspension guide

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    Kitty's BHA suspension guide

    I'm compiling all the data the 3 2nd gen members(seriously in all reality there's only been like 5-10 people that were/are very serious about their jelly bean.)

    Springs and struts-this post
    sway bars-post below this
    braces/misc-if you can't guess back to the j-body board

    Springs (that are easily availbe )
    Eibach ProKit 1" (I have the spring rates for these somewhere)
    H&R springs 1.3"
    B&G springs 1.6"
    Apex springs 1.6"
    sprint springs 1.7" (I have the spring rates for these somewhere)
    Intrax springs 1.75"
    Gold-Line springs F 1.8" R 1.7"
    Canuck Motorsports(eBay) springs F 1.8" R 1.7"(possibly relabeled gold lines)

    Those are the springs you can find 100% of the time.
    And are more than likely what you'll end up with.

    Ksport also makes a coil over application for us.
    And there the only coil over you'll ever get your hands on.

    Ground control also has an application for the 2nd gen. There going the eat the shit out of any strut you mount them too so you're better off getting the ksports.

    There's not really any strut options for the 2nd gen.
    There's some JDM mazdaspeed shit that's hard to get and overpriced.
    There's also koni inserts. I've never really been a fan of koni and buying inserts for $1xxx is ridiculous.

    Kyb gr2s are prevalent and cheap. You can get a full set for 200 shipped.
    There guaranteed for life if you don't drop them over an inch and a half.
    Buy 2 sets. The first set will last 4 years with aggressive driving.
    Replace them with the second set. Ship the other ones to be replaced. When you get the new ones get those REVALVED. This is fairly cheap. The reason your doing this is that your spacing the cost over a LARGE period of time. And it leaves you with no down time. And instead of rebuild old damaged struts your re-valving brand new ones.

    Also you DON'T need a camber kit when dropping a 2nd gen.
    The suspension doesn't actually create that much more negative camber.
    In fact the outside of the tires will wear on a stock car driven aggressively because of the poor camber curve the car has.

    If your serious about performance take a chance on the k-sports.
    If you just want the drop pick springs buy height and a set of kybs.

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    Sway bars

    Only the 95 proteges are guarented to have a rear sway bar.
    From 96-98 they were only on the ES models. You don't have an ES model.

    MMS 19mm(iirc) 4 way adjustable rear bar
    part number 0000-04-3301-es
    Availbe from mazdamotorsports.(I usualy have one for sale)

    White line
    uses stock drop links.
    Good luck getting it.

    Stock 2nd gen bar 17mm???
    part number (i have this some where)
    Availbe from mazda, junkyards and me. I have 3.

    Both awr bars will fit the 2nd gen with a hammer and some paitence.
    I don't have the specs on those right now.
    I'll dig through awrs site and get those.
    I do have a pic of the 21mm one though:P
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    Strut bars
    There's only 2 somewhat available bars for the 2nd gen.

    and cusco
    {insert pic later}

    I'm not including the whiteline bar because its a glorified eBay bar.

    Both of the bars will cost over $250 and wont perform better than an eBay bar with the strut tabs re welded. You'll have to drill the bracket. But it'll cost 150% less.

    Front tie bars

    Daryle on another forum makes front tie bars occasional.

    There around $140. They wont fit if you have a 3in exhaust. You won't have a 3in exhaust.

    There's also a stock front tie bar on the ES proteges. You don't have an es.
    You'll need the entier crossmember also. This is a lot more costly and expensive than the other option. But its OEM o.O

    Lateral links
    Those 3rd gen links you see on eBay fit the 2nd gen. There listed for the 2nd gen. There not meant for it. Don't ask.

    I have these and enjoy them.
    There's other places to spend $200 though.

    The trailing arms DO NOT fit the second gen.(the ones running with the body of the car.)
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    The only second gen I see regularly is in fact an ES. Too bad it's a fat old lady

    .. she probably rebadged it. It's also a.. 98? it's the gen 2 facelift
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    97 or 98.

    You could tell by checking the trunk emblem.
    If its the old candle logo its a 97 if its the newer flying M its a 98.

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    I don't like getting close to jellybeans, but if I see it again (it is sometimes parked in the lot I park in on campus) I'll let you know.

    95% of 2Gs I see (i.e. like 3 a year) are DX though. I was shocked when I saw an ES, it looked pretty nice! too bad it's brown
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    I don't like getting close to jellybeans
    Atlanta Region SCCA
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