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Thread: Cleaned my intake today (pics inside)

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    Cleaned my intake today (pics inside)

    Hello everyone...

    I'm a little bored today so I just thought I'd share my fun of cleaning my MS intake filter.

    The first pic is with my bumper off. I have a grease rag covering the opening to the intake pipe to keep bugs out.

    Next pic is parts off the car and tools used to take off the front and filter.

    Next two are pics of my dinged up oil coolers. The passenger side has taken more of a beating...saddens me.

    Then I'm treating you to a pic of my dirty engine bay...nothing really to show off other than the dingy intake pipe.

    Last pic is the filter you can see. It's after the first wash. It's soaking again right now.

    The cleaning solution works really well. It smells like it has some citrus based cleaners in it and has a nice foaming action when it's sitting in the bucket.

    Well, now I'm back to getting it finished.

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    MUCH better

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    Hey Redline let me ask you...How simple and quick is it to take that front bumber off?

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    Assuming you have a stubby screw driver and no stubborn clips...10 minutes max. You have to turn the wheel one way to loosen one side then turn it the other way to loosen the opposite.

    The side-markers are held in with one screw each then are just clipped in to the fender. So, 6 clips on the piece under the hood, 4 bolts under that, 8-10 under the front nose to hold that air diversion plate on, 6 in front of each wheel, then unsnap it from the front of the car. If you have fog lights you won't be able to pull off the bumper until you disconnect the wire from the bulb assembly.

    Sounds lengthy, but it isn't. Do it twice and you'll be good at it.

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    you gotta get the racing beat oil cooler protectors dude! that looks so beat up, I'd be so afraid of a big rock taking a chunk out of one and then bam no more oil.
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    I cant wait to do your screens and such on your 8 Chaz!

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    I just found out too today when I was driving my car my footwell lamps where in hooked...Man my buddy will never ever drive my 8 again.

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    Unhooked** only the wires were holding them.

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    No one drives my car, not even my best friend that I trust with everything I have. The mazda techs won't even drive it. I have certain ones that I trust, but they just go out with me and let me drive the car.

    I want the screens, but don't feel like painting them and mounting them.I may get them after I get the MS kit, if the kit doesn't have some kind of screens with it.

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