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Thread: Mazda CX-7 vs Nissan Murano

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    similarly equipped, isn't the murano like $5,000 more expensive too? that right there would steer me right into the mazda dealer.
    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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    +1 (on the looks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider View Post
    As a CX-7 owner for 2 years this July, and 35K miles, my wife andI can tell you, CX-7 rocks. The Murano does not have something that all Mazdas come with standard. Soul. A cookie cutter boring mobile that makes children cry because of the normalcy and blandness in their box car SUV.

    Get a CX-7, people look, and some wave. You will get a lot of "Nice car!" comments.

    The CX-7 is just a blast to drive. We have the GT with the tech package. The backup camera is really good to have. A must for all SUV's these days, and keyless operation has never failed us. And it is $10K less, too, with all the same features. It is the CX-7, which made me trade in my P5 for a Speed 3.

    No breakdowns. Just a bunch of reflashes as things got better. 22.9 MPG, FWD. 93 Octane. Here are our mods.

    ETS TMIC, CPE CAI, full tint. 1st out TurboSmart BOV , 5 ply intercooler hoses, Arctic White Nokya fog light bulbs, 20" Zinik Z18 wheels (lighter than OEM), Yokohama Parada Spec X 255-45-20 tires (glue in rain).

    If you have any questions, let me know. PM me if you want to.


    Got pics???

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