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Thread: Mazda CX-7 vs Nissan Murano

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    Mazda CX-7 vs Nissan Murano

    Thinking of buying a CX-7 for the wife within the next year or so. I was also eyeballing the Nissan Murano for comparative reasons. Can anyone give me plus or minuses to either or have any links for comparison? I'm honestly leaning toward the Murano right now due to the fact that I like the looks a lot more than the CX-7. Otherwise they seem fairly comparable to me.

    Thank you
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    cx-7 is a mazda .. what else do you need to know?!!! sheeesh

    edit: it's also turboed!!

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    cx-7 = way more awards and editor picks. And, as fez stated, it's a mazda
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    My wife wanted a Murano, I took her down to the Mazda dealership and had her drive a cx-7... we bought the 7 the next day. She has not looked at the Murano since.

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    im going going back back to cali cali
    uh the (new) murano looks like ass.
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    Yeah stick with the CX-7. Great suv
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    does the murano need premium?
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    Take my word for it..

    CX-7. When I worked for Mazda we did that stoopid crap where we tested out the vehicles current competition on a road course. I was scared in the Murano because it had so much body roll and the brakes were crap for it's size.

    The CX-7 was in a totally different class than the Murano. It took corners like a damn sports car and stopped on a dime. It was fun weaving through the cones and not losing one bit of grip, where-as in the Murano I lost it and ended up hitting half the cones.

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    As a CX-7 owner for 2 years this July, and 35K miles, my wife andI can tell you, CX-7 rocks. The Murano does not have something that all Mazdas come with standard. Soul. A cookie cutter boring mobile that makes children cry because of the normalcy and blandness in their box car SUV.

    Get a CX-7, people look, and some wave. You will get a lot of "Nice car!" comments.

    The CX-7 is just a blast to drive. We have the GT with the tech package. The backup camera is really good to have. A must for all SUV's these days, and keyless operation has never failed us. And it is $10K less, too, with all the same features. It is the CX-7, which made me trade in my P5 for a Speed 3.

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    If you have any questions, let me know. PM me if you want to.


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    Another vote for the CX-7. IMO it looks sooooooo much better than the Murano.

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