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Thread: Outcome of my car after detail??

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    Outcome of my car after detail??

    First off, I best tell you that my car has had better days. To date it has been hit about 9 times. So body work 9 times. Just wondering if and when I detail the car, is it going to show all the imperfections and variations of paint?


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    Well, dirt does kind of hide those imperfections. But if the finish shines up with a detail, those imperfections might not be as noticeable because of reflections, depending on the lighting conditions.

    My Miata suffered a hailstorm which dimpled the hood, trunk, and tops of the fenders. Varying thicknesses of dust, cloudy vs. sunny skies, puffy clouds, etc, all had an effect on how noticeable those dimples were.

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    Hmm, I just hope it is not too bad....I don't want to have to get a repaint(cause I'm anal)

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