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Thread: Google maps : my home , my car

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    Google maps : my home , my car

    hehehehe ... &z=21&om=1

    you can see my car standing there )) where's yours ?

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    ten years, 125k miles, one total - still turning my head everyday

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    this google map are very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Re: Google maps : my home , my car

    Quote Originally Posted by TStarGermany
    hehehehe ... &z=21&om=1

    you can see my car standing there )) where's yours ?
    that's wild that you can see your car on there.. hey wait, I've seen that exact google maps image earlier today (on toprotege)

    I'm here right now ... &z=17&om=1

    yes, just northeast a block or two (I'm in the building north of Rector Pl) is the former site of the World Trade Center (i.e. former Twin Towers).
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    That's crazy that your car is in the pic. I tried it with work and my old place and all the maps in my area are from 2001 or something, before my old apartment and the parking lot at work was built

    Edit: I just checked again, and it seems they updated it. I can't zoom any closer, but the car by itself at the end of the row (closest to the green arrow) could be me. ... &z=18&om=1

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    My black BG, end of the long row of cars, parked at my work on a Sunday morning I think.
    My black BG

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    check your links, i think they're not really correct :ß

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    Silly me!!!
    Try here...

    My Black BG

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    here somewhere on the parking lot.. 8-)

    Zagreb, Croatia

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