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Thread: Sport20 Pre-Facelift

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    Sport20 Pre-Facelift

    Does anyone know the OEM partnumber for the pre-facelift Sport20 front bumper? I don't seem to find it anywhere :mhm:

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    According to Protege FAQ the parts for 1999-2000 Sport20 are:

    B28V-50-710B main grille between headlights
    B28V-50-031B bumper
    B25D-50-090A left bumper bracket
    B25D-50-080A right bumper bracket
    B28V-51-030A right headlamp
    B28V-51-040B left headlamp
    B28V-51-070 left corner light
    B28V-51-060 right corner light
    B28V-52-111 right fender
    B28V-52-211 left fender
    BN5V-51-680 fog lamp (need 2)
    B30P-51-688A fog lamp harness
    B28V-56-130E right wheel well
    B28V-56-140E left wheel well
    9991-40-600A license plate holder nut (need 2)
    9986-50-516 bolt (need 4)
    BC1D-56-145 clip (need 2)

    Not sure if this is pre-facelift though?

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    the 99-00 is the pre-facelift model
    2011 MX-5 GT PRHT

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    Merci people, I must have overlooked that part in Edwin's manual.

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    any idea where to get that bumper beside corksport?

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