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Thread: Double DIN Headunits from Japan/Europe/USA/...

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    Double DIN Headunits from Japan/Europe/USA/...


    YAHOO JAPAN offers quite a bit of info... to translate specific item pages,you can use babelfish.
    used units go for pretty low prices !!! (for your orientation: 1000 yen = 6,50euro) but even brand new stuff is (as far as i can see) relatively inexpensive (highend stuff from the actual year lineup=between 40-50k = 280-350 Euros)
    technical info:
    to make use of the japanese radio unit, a band expander/fm changer is required
    additional info:
    to get hands on these, we would need some reliable person, most probably within japan to get these items and ship them to us...
    click HERE for pictures

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    Examples of JDM headunits








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    How about this one??? :naughty:

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    looks great, but "Our Price: $2,199.99" made me laugh so hard, i got headache now ^^

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    I'd be interested in one of those Alpine units, if I could get it shipped for ~200 USD. Anymore than that and it would be better to just get a Din unit here.

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    I like the Alpines or the Clarions. Where can I see specs, prices, etc on this kinds of units. Would I have to visit the Japanese Alpine & Clarion websites?
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