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Thread: Japans Autofestival 2007

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    Japans Autofestival 2007

    Sunday 1 april 2007, the next JAF.
    TT Circuit in Assen, Netherlands.
    Near the German border so if you Germans wanna come then come. 8-)

    More info follows.

    pictures of last years festival can be found here

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    This is not a joke I hope?

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    why would I be joking
    Check out the automaxx website too, there isn't much information available yet but the date is firm.

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    Well, sounds interesting but 600km per tour are too much for me and my budget
    ten years, 125k miles, one total - still turning my head everyday

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    For pictures be sure to check out this thread and hunt for urls or clickable pictures

    Two BJ's couldn't come due to sickness and the other had something with a broken front window or something. Was suprised that actually two others came from another club. Two pfl sedans. Pretty stock though but nice to see there are more. Instantly put a brochure of our club under their window heheh.


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    Nice pics, but where's one of a model posing on your car? 8-)

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    LOL, they didn't look too rough from the pictures, I guess different in person.

    Check out the models I'll have to choose from at a car show in June:

    Life is good ^^

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