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Thread: Summer Gathering 323F club

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    A real pity indeed. Perhaps I will arrange a little Mazda BJ meet when you come over here.
    I will make and send some pictures for you asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protege
    Rims are fondmetal. (99,9% sure, have to look up wich model)

    Car should be lowered 40mm but the car of Dutch-Fastbreak is also lowered 40mm but is strange enough lots higher.

    I will ask the person to look at his springs because i'm also wondering what springs are underneath. He didn't know himself, because he bought the car with the springs already on it.
    I'll get back on that as soon as I know some more.

    *more pics of the silver bj* %3D270097+rocks+velgen+323fclub&hl=nl&gl=nl&ct=cln k&cd=1]silver bj[/url]
    Lots higher ôO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch-Fastbreak
    Lots higher ôO

    The alloys of the silver bj are from Fox Racing(thanks to Dutch-Fastbreak for sharing this with us :bye: )

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    you can mix those up easily with the fondmetal/radius model i have installed

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    I liked it better last year. But its in my top 5 of meetings.

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    Next sunday, 1st july.
    Anyone other than dutch people feel like comming?

    Its at AC Veenendaal on the highway (towards Arnhem).
    Between Veenendaal and Maarsbergen (in the Netherlands ofcourse)

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    I will be there, but you already knew that LOL

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