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Thread: wash and wax

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    wash and wax

    So as I am just about to go wash and wax my car I was wondering...

    What brand wash and wax do you guys trust to use most?

    I'm about to try this stuff by Mother's called Black Magic.

    I'll let you know how that goes.

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    Mother Cleaner Wax

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    Meguairs all the way!!
    smells so good you could eat it!

    wot is Mothers????

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    mothers is one of the biggest wax and cleaner brands of america... I guess it's leader in that kind of products in north america... of course it's not available in my country by the way.... I just use turtle wax or a wax called carnú....

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    so is it good shit then? Ive recently found the wonder stuff called Meguiars so i'm abit reluctant to get some.

    Ive found a UK distributor for Mothers, if its good i might try some,

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    Been using Meguiers for about 2 months, its amazing.
    Turtle Wax and Valma are nothing compared to it. :boxing:

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    Meguiar's it's only sold in europe?

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    I thought Meguiar's was an American product.

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    yeah I visit his site... nice product line... to say it's not available in my country... I should investigate if anyone here import meguiar's or mothers to Venezuela....

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    Meguiars cost more than most washes and waxes I know but its worth the price.

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