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Thread: 1.5 S-VT engine

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    1.5 S-VT engine

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    For the guys who are interesting in 1.5 SVT engine,

    Friends, if you are interesting or going to change to 1.5 SVT engine. Please attention some information of this engine. The outlook 90% same to the ZM engine. It is some difference, I point out:

    1, Change SVT engine, u must change the Speed meter (SVT JDM, Maximun speed is 180 km/h, RPM is different)

    2, Change the computer as well,

    3, The manifold is bigger than 1.6 Zm engine (but the airfilter is same size)

    4, SVT is 4-2-1 header, please make sure it is come with your engine.

    Ka Fai

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    changing the gauge cluster is not necessary.. only the redline just won't be correct... big deal... you *could* take apart both gauge clusters and swap the tach over to your original gauge cluster to retain your odometer mileage and have a higher speedometer range

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    So a ZM-DE Manifold on my ZL-DE will give me some more power will look for old ZM-DE

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    4-2-1 , it is gaining the start and mid range

    4-1 , it is gaiing the top speed,

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