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Thread: Rear lip FL on the PFL

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    Rear lip FL on the PFL

    Hi there!

    I got my new rear lip installed. My mazda dealer told me that the part numer of the rear lip belonges to a rear lip designed for the FL.
    Though they are nealry the same, the mounting was not as easy as I thought. I think that there must be any marks like littel dots in the rearbumper of the FL, so that you know where to make the holes.

    I had to uninstall the rear bumper completely and it costs me 3 hours of work. But the lip fitted on my bumper and I am quite happy with the result.

    I bought the lip used and already painted in my colour from a guy on the mazdacommunity, the biggest german mazda fan side. I asked him and he sold it to me.

    The probelm was , that there was almost no mounting material. The bolts were very rusty and couldn´t be used again. But I found out that you could use fender bolts as well. They are very cheap and every garage has them. The new bolt kit for this lip was around 75 Euro - my mazda dealer found out.

    Very decent shape, supposed to look good with singel exhaust, which is round.

    In case s.o. wants to mount the lip and has questions - don´t hesitate to ask me, but it is not difficult. But costs time.

    For the interested ones: you can order the lip for the FL/PFL at your mazda dealer with this number. But it might be cheaper to get a used one.
    B30K-V4-930F (fits EDM/JDM only)

    cu mazdaspeed323
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    good choice. now get those black bumper guard off ^^

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    Lookin good!

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    Haha matthias good to see some progress.

    You got the rear lip from tranquie didn't you
    Oh I still need to reply your e-mail by the way, i've been too busy.
    Expect a reply in your mail soon

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    Thanks maff!

    Hi william!

    I didn´t get the lip from tranquie. Some day I was looking at some nice P5 on the mazda community, and then I saw a P5 FL in my colour with that lip. I asked the owner if he wants to sell it to me. I paid 110 Euro including the shipping. Shipping isn´t cheap, was around 20 bugs, but I don´t remember exactly. Would have cost me a lot more if I had to paint that stuff.

    By the way here is a link to nice P5´s on the mazda-community side. (For those who don´t know it....)

    P5/323 on the mazda-community

    Hope to hear from you. ^^


    mazdaspeed323 aka Matthias

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    Sorry I actually ment Pansen, not tranquie :nerd:

    So how are the wheels? Installed yet ;-)
    We should meet some time again ROFL

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    Yeah, you´re right. There aren´t so much green mazdas around mazda community. Pansen has one. 8-)

    He was very nice and gave me some good piece of adviece for mounting the lip. I really thought it would take me half an hour or so to install it. :nono:

    My fault.

    Yes, I already installed the wheels. But only for 1 day. I had new wheels, and tires and valves as well. But somehow both front tires lost over 1.5 bar in about 8 hours. :mad:

    I went back to the garage the next day and they found out that the loss of air happened according to a mal function of the valve or a wrong mounting of the valve. Next weekend I get my wheels back. Hopefully they will work this time properly.

    I will post pictures here in the forum as soon as I took some nice photos.
    (will post picture from mobile today in this topic)


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    Some pics of my new alloy wheels.
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