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Thread: Meeting for Niels

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    Meeting for Niels

    Yesterday I and Dutch-Fastbreak were at a 323F club Holland meeting.
    This was set up for a member who got hit by a minivan and was in coma for months.

    Today his friend, who set the whole meeting and drive, told us that he woke up out his coma and that he is revalidating. Slowly but steady.
    He thought it would be a nice idea to make some pictures with the 323F club to support "Niels".

    We first gathered at the usual 323F club spot and from there drove to the point where the accident happened.
    I must say that I think it is a very nice gesture and the day was succesful.

    Just thought i'd share some pictures( if bigger doesn't work, copy the url from that link and paste it into your browser)



    for more see:

    and here

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    oh yeah right lol

    [dutch lessons]
    Bezeten van auto's = Addicted to cars
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    Nice from you....

    I hope that your friend will recover

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