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Thread: Foglight delete covers

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    Foglight delete covers

    Thought I'd go check out the german car market and suddenly I spotted this Sportive with " fill in yourself"

    imported delete covers or factory delivered? who can tell...[URL=óPóR~BmSB11Iindex_cgiJ1144524241A1I index_cgiD1100CCarX-t-vctpLtt~BmPA1A1B20B22

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    I think they are imported, just like I did.

    for as far as I know you can only get them in America and azia...

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    Get me the part number you want and I'll send them to you..

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    numbers can be found at the buttom .. .and could you pls start to use the URL button instead of copy+paste such long urls ...... ... ight+cover

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