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Thread: Interchangability of Mazda steering wheels

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    Interchangability of Mazda steering wheels

    I see a lot of protege's swapping their wheel with the Nardi 3 spoke steering wheel.

    Perhaps a silly question but i'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to fit a Mazda 6 wheel on a pro? Or perhaps a wheel of a 3 or RX8.

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    I have tha nardi 3 .. dam fine!, I really dont want to change

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    is it hard to install the nardi 3 spoke steering wheel?.

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    installing the nardi is no long as it's a compatible model like out of the mx5/miata... but the 6/3 steerings wheels? i guess not

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    As far as I know, the Nardi wheels from a Miata should work on a Protege. Don't quote me on this, but I think the have the same spline count.

    I know for a fact that any variation of the steering wheels from the BJ lineup interchange.

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    I got a question for americans with protegés...

    what I need to get with a MPS or a MP3 steering wheel to fit in my allegro...

    airbag, sensor and all stuff inside my car can fit in the new wheel?

    I guess I can get a good deal buying a used steering wheel on msprotege forums... but I don't know if it fit in my car with stock steering wheel....

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    airbags aren't alowed to be send by mail because of explosion danger, if i'm correct.

    your best luck would be to look for some MX-5/Miata's with the same Nardi Torino wheel.

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    Do you have cruise control on your car? What steering wheel do you currently have? As far as I know, all of the three spoke wheels use the same airbag.

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    can you tell me how to disassemble the Nardi steering wheel, please?

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    there are a how-to procedure to install a nardi wheel... maybe you can use it to disassemble the nardi wheel ... =123636509

    I'm just awaiting my nardi wheel.... I hope get it and install it soon and share some pics with all...

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