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Thread: POSTERT insovlent / bankrupt?

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    POSTERT insovlent / bankrupt?



    I won a small auction on ebay...the seller was postert itself...

    they sent me the paying information
    and the owner of the bank account was

    "weidmann trust account for postert" !!!
    that got me prick-eared, since such trust accounts are often used when liquidators run a company...

    so i searched a litle and found this: ... 62392.html

    the guy "bi-beetle" wrote that he called postert because of a missing part in a delivered package and they told him that they couldn't get it for him because they're insolvent...

    the guy "dieterb" confirmed it 2 posts below....

    postert made such nice stuff for the 3rd Gen / BJ series... let's hope the liquidator can save the company!

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    Postert bankrupt ?
    They make so many nice things for different makes and models. I just can't believe it.

    So what did you win?
    I always seem to mis the best deals on ebay :-?

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    no, i just got another set of eyelids, because the package i sent to butters323 (australia) got stolen on the way....

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