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Thread: How to Craft a Cool Wall posting

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    How to Craft a Cool Wall posting

    For Starters:
    1. Use this cool wall thread as an example for how to structure a cool wall post.
    2. Search this subforum to make sure it hasn't been posted already (not an issue at this time since it is low volume)
    3. Remember that your thread will not show up immediately. All new threads in this section must be approved by the moderator (Kansei currently). This was only done to ensure that all cool wall posts shared a similar structure and to be sure they all remembered to add a poll.
    4. See below for elements to include.

    Elements to include if available:
    • A poll! Set up the poll before you post the thread (select to add a poll, click preview post).
    • A couple exterior photos (try to find 1024 width or smaller) and an interior photo
    • Links to photo galleries
    • Link to official web site (if the car is released)
    • Basic specs (hp, torque, 1/4 mile time, lateral Gs, suspension type front/rear, weight) --try to only include official numbers, or clearly label them if they are rumoured specs.
    • Links to reviews (don't copy and paste car reviews, that's what makes this subforum different from most automotive news subforums)
    • Links to video reviews --the videos will automatically embed if they are from youtube or most other popular sites.
    • Links to driving videos or videos of modded cars --the above note applies.
    • Try to keep personal opinions out of the first post. I know sometimes it is hard to keep your emotions out of things if you are madly excited about a car.
    As usual, these aren't rules, they are guidelines. Basically I will go over this list and fill in any holes before I release the thread to the public, so if you use this as a checklist yourself, your thread will be released much faster!


    Build Thread - 2016 Fiesta ST, never driven but frequently modded

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Bump! Lots of new stuff in the pipeline. We should start this again.

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