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Thread: Snow = serious sound dampening

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    Snow = serious sound dampening

    hi,don't really know where to put...yesterday it has been snowing a lot...

    when i got into my car (and the whole hood was covered with snow) i turned on the engine and realised, HOW MUCH the snow was dampenign the engine noise... i always thought it was rather about the firewall material in the engine bay, but damn... that snow really made the engine noise sound really soft and low...

    did anyon of you dampen the hood with some extra material ? might be worth it...

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    If your maz is petrol it may not have the sound deadening material attached to the underside of the bonet. Find a diesel from a breakers yard and get one.

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    oh it has, but i mean that oem damping material is rather crappy, very thin... i'd rather think of something like that

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