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Thread: Protege Blog --What have you done to yours today?

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    i call pass interference....

    of course.. my car just did the same thing.. guess i can test the theory too
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    "Failure is the mother of success."

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTt3P5 View Post
    Mechanic called this morning and confirmed the TB broke. Of course it wasn't going down alone so it took cylinders 2 and 3 with it! As of now, I'm looking at ~2K to get the top end rebuilt from him. But looking into other options as well...refurbished engine...long block...sell the car as-is to buy something else......
    That really sucks, after all the time you've spent on it. I know it can break your heart.

    On the subject of the 6, if you get one does that mean you inherit the 3? I know that's how it would be tried in my house!
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    lol. in order to combat that, just buy her something pretty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefmg View Post
    That really sucks, after all the time you've spent on it. I know it can break your heart.

    On the subject of the 6, if you get one does that mean you inherit the 3? I know that's how it would be tried in my house!
    Exactly....spent a good three days trying to decide if I wanted to just walk away from her or not. In the end, I couldn't do it so I purchased a used engine from the local junk yard back on the 17th with 80K. It came in last Tuesday but guy from junk yard said he would not deliver it to the mechanic as it was in horrible shape. Drove to Philly for me the next day where he picked one up with 68K miles from a recently rear ended P5. Stopped at the mechanics Thursday morning to look it over with him and told him to replace the tb/water pump, rear mm and ds mm in addition to any other seals, gaskets they saw fit. Hoping to get a call from him today that she's "alive". Engine was $795 with tax so I'm expecting to be around $2-2.5K when all is said and done. Now my decision is do I try and sell her as-is (will make more money for a deposit on something newer), start a part-out so I can at least recoup some money on mods and then trade her in or keep running her and sell/trade in 3yrs when Tamz car is paid off. The budget likes the third option.

    As for the 6, that's a BIG negative! The 3 is Tamz baby and she wouldn't give it up, even for a new car. I've been trying to talk her into trading it in on a 2013 3 with Skyactiv, same or less monthly payment, improved mpgs but she's adamant about keeping her plus the fact they no longer offer gunmetal blue. On the other hand, our daughter said she'd happily share the 6 with me. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by RockinVs View Post
    lol. in order to combat that, just buy her something pretty.
    Hmmmmm, I could buy her a shiny stainless steel cat back for the 3!

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    I drove her to work today!!!!! (drive) Left work early yesterday to pick her up and she runs and sounds pretty damn good. As happy as I was to get the keys I could have done without the invoice. lol

    Bill was $2570 for labor ($1150 including the time they took to tear down my old engine to confirm damage) and parts ($1420 which include t-stat, rad hoses, timing belt, tensioner/idler rollers, tensioner spring, water pump, cam/crank seals, plugs, plug wires, coil packs, j-pipe (thanks to rusted to shit mounting points in the flange), pcv valve, grommet in vc for pcv valve, front torque converter seal, vc gasket, exhaust gaskets, exhaust spring kit, reman alt, rear/trans motor mounts, coolant flush and oil change). That's one helluva tune-up! lol

    Inlcuding the tow and engine, I've just invested $3680 into her so she better give me another good 10yrs!!! And now that the exhaust bolts are all new and shiny, it'd be a great time to throw on a header.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeg0024 View Post
    Brian, do you think your sig and avatar are big enough? Your one word post takes up my whole screen.
    You could disable signatures. I haven't seen anyone's sig in like a decade lol
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    After changing the oil a couple of weeks ago and finding that the strut tower had finally rusted through, I performed a little surgery. Just hoping to slow the progress down a bit so I can squeak a few more year out of the car. Took a screwdriver to knock out the majority of the rusted metal. Next, hit the edges with a wirebrush and cleaned everything up. Then I sprayed some Krud Kutter Must for Rust on the engine bay side and wheel well side Once that took effect I hit up both sides with some Rustoleum Rust Reformer. Next I attached some 1/4" hardware cloth from the wheel well side to give the epoxy a little something to stick to. Added two tubes of Rectorseal EP-200 Epoxy on the engine bay side and smoothed out the best I could with the hoses in my way. Today I bought some Rustoleum Professional Grade Undercoating which will be applied on the wheel well side. I'll sand down the epoxy a bit to try and smooth out more and then hitting that with more of the rust reformer.

    What I found when changing the oil

    Cleaned out most of the cancerous metal

    Rectorseal Epoxy in place

    Wheel well side

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    Changed my clutch after 94k pilot bearing was gone upgraded to a Spec clutch stage2+
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    Nice Evade and 6mo bump! Changed the PS rear turn signal earlier and found more of the dreaded cancer known as rust on that side of the car. Ugh!

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