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Thread: OAC gone international?!??!

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    OAC gone international?!??!

    Hey all,

    i'm hoping you guys won't be mad if I posted our club info in an international club forum... I only gave out basic information on our club and where abouts we are located. So I found some posts from ppl in the Philippines in the mazda3forums... so i visited their site... and invited them to visit our web page... well needless-to-say... they are very impressed with our site and our club members. So... I thought you guys wanted to know...

    btw... their web page is

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    Damn you for whoring us out and getting new members!

    j/k. Well done man.

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    maaaan I hate foreigners!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fez View Post
    maaaan I hate foreigners!!!!!

    For real. The worst shit that ever came in to the US came from those damn foreigners.

    Stupid Irish...

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