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Thread: BDT Graphics Showcase

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    I like that one, much more modern than the logo I have been seeing everywhere..
    roadster love.

    "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Adding lightness makes you faster everywhere."

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    Quote Originally Posted by mx-p5 View Post
    i might want this one made now

    saw it on an MS3 at Daytona, as well as the Speedsource car
    I just bought a hat at the local dealer with this logo about a month ago. Would have bought the shirt if they had my size.

    Barry made me some custom vinyl for the cargo box. Since we go to Myrtle Beach on vaca every year he did some custom work with Domo chilling under the palm tree along with some custom stuff showing off the kids interests.

    Daughters side of the car....obviously she's a dancer and for whatever reason she has a fascination with dinosaurs and squirrels

    Sons side....he's a brickhead

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    Berry, you still have that surfer guy/girl sticker we did a hwile back? If so, lemme know how much to send you again for antoher.

    Protege to MX-5 lineage
    Kevin did it before Phil, who was before Andrew, before Bruce, Chris, Tony, Phen, Tylor, Mahk, Roy, John, Jerry, Rob, Shadow, Josh, Scratch, Dub, Andrew, Vocko, Matt V, Protojason, Chief, who's Miata we will see one picture of ever, Barry, and GMalatrasi.

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    I think so, I'll check tonight
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