I got rid of my 2010 CX-9 for a 2013 TDI VW Passat. That was a great car, until it wasn't. Between the VW TDI fraud and just all around low build quality the Passat, I was not sad to see it go back in 2016. At that time I was between a 2016 CX-9 GT and a 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum. I ended up with the Toyota, and I still have and love that car. Now that we have a new driver in the house we needed to add another car to the mix and the CX-5 seemed like the right fit. So far I am really digging it, it handles nicely and the computer says it's averaging around 26MPG around town.

I just spent the afternoon giving the exterior a proper detailing and wanted to share a picture of it.