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Thread: About to replace power steering hose and need advice ...

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    Question About to replace power steering hose and need advice ...

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum, and hoping you guys will help me out with something. There appeared a leak from underneath the high pressure power steering hose (as it was clogged, as well as the power steering filter)... Anyways, I am going to replase the pressure hose, and wonder if any of you ever tried installing aftermarket power steering hoses onto your Mazdas? As dealership quotes are quite high, but on the other hand, the hose which sends fluid from pump to the rack is under pressure, so do not want to risk...


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    Oh, forgot to tell you that my Mazda 3 is 3 Sport (GS), 2.0L with automatic gearbox (if that matters)

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    Welcome to the forum. It doesn't have much traffic these days, I'm hoping that will change. You can become our resident Mazda3 expert!

    How did you make out with the replacement hose?
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