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Thread: The New Family Truckster

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    The New Family Truckster

    We brought Finn home three short months ago. She's a 2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech in a stunning Deep Crystal Blue/Parchment color combo. Tam handpicked her off the lot as Finn is her new dd. Both of the girls have formed a nice bond over the last few months and she even lets me drive her from time to time. Initially, this color wasn't on our radar but after seeing it in person on the lot we both fell in love with it. Part of the purchase required us to hand over the keys of our 2002 Protege5. :`( Karen will be missed but we took advantage of what little monetary value she still had.

    So far, I've added the following from WeatherTech - Side Window Deflectors, FloorLiners for first and second rows and Clear Frame license plate frame.

    The day we brought her home

    Side Window Deflectors

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    that is sooooo pretty. Love the light color leather especially
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    Thank you! Going in we were both against a light colored interior but the Parchment looks sooooo much better than black when paired with the Deep Crystal Blue.

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