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Thread: Holy $#!^, I bought another one: Jeff's 2008 Special Edition Intro

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    Holy $#!^, I bought another one: Jeff's 2008 Special Edition Intro

    After getting the tragic news that Lexi was taken away from me too soon, I set my sights on buying another Miata. Tam thought I was crazy, saying I could have been killed and wanted me to get something bigger. I told her that I spent more time trying to find Lexi than I owned her. She understood but asked that I get a newer one with more safety features. So, the search for an NC began. It was slow and painful at first as I was still suffering the side effects of the concussion and found it hard to concentrate for long periods of time as well as look at a computer screen. After relentless searching on Ebay, CL,,, etc., I remembered that USAA had a car buying service.

    I logged in and found Emilia, a 2008 Special Edition with 107K miles located at Superior Mazda in Bentonville AR. She had one previous owner and lived most of her life traveling through TX, OK and AR. She has a unique Icy Blue Metallic exterior and saddle brown leather interior with matching top. I fell in love with the color combo on sight. PO had the windows tinted with Llumar tint and the dealer had just installed some Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2s.

    After numerous calls to an overly patient salesman, we agreed to a price and I scheduled a PPI. The results came back to my satisfaction so I bought a one way ticket to Bentonville! The salesman picked me up at the airport with her and I drove her back to the dealership to complete the paperwork. After a couple of hours, I was ready to start my 1234.8 mile journey home.

    The week leading up to my departure I bought a JVC Arsenal KDAR959BS hu, ProClipUSA phone mount for her. I was also in a GB for some Moddiction blue tinted convex side mirrors.

    Seeing that I had just been cleared to go back to work, I took quite a few stops on the way home. Gave me a chance to stretch my knee out and gather my thoughts. Also gave me a couple of good photo ops.

    Paperwork is signed and she is mine, all mine....

    The obligatory shot in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Bentonville AR

    Spotted a sign for Fort Leonardwood while traveling through MO. Pulled up to the gate, flashed my military ID and explained my intentions to the guard who kindly waved me on base. Snapped this pic in front of the very hospital I was born in back in 1973!

    This was the current state of weather and precipitation upon returning home to PA. I took a drive over to Jiffy Lube, only place open on a Sunday, to have them swap out the 17s with the Evo2s for the summer set of wheels from the P5. Thankfully, I had a set of a/s mounted on these wheels vs. summer tires before turning the keys over to Kaila.

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    Over the course of almost two years, I've done a few things to make her my own.

    JVC head unit
    "The Stubby" antenna
    Wrapped the front and rear bumper markers with Lamin-X tinted film.
    Moddiction blue tinted convex side mirrors (love these as they cut the light glare of traffic behind you)
    2003 Mazda6 intermittent wiper switch (should have been standard)
    Mazda Zoom-Zoom license plate frame with tinted shield
    2016 Roadster Emblem applied to trunklid
    Hella Sharptones (take that SUV driver who doesn't check blind spots)
    ProClipUSA mount and phone holder
    LightNSight (wish I had known about this when I had the NB)
    Cool Breeze Scoop
    IL Motorsports center console with custom LED application
    Cobra 75WXST CB radio and Wilson Little Wil (comes in handy when on fun runs with the LVMOC)
    Cobra CDR840 dash cam (hard wired into accessory port tucked behind the dash)
    Replaced all exterior bulbs with LEDs (with exception of fogs, high beams and OEM HID low beams)
    TapTurn module (allows use of LEDs for turn signal applications with no need for resistors)
    TRS Morimoto XB LED fog lights
    LEDs used for dome and trunk lights
    LED footwell lights
    WebElectric BLP-1 brake light pulser
    Millionth Miata Celebration Tour badges (personalized with our names and my screen name)
    Mazdaspeed muffler

    Arriving Monday is the newly released Goodwin Racing aluminum coolant tank.

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    Thought I'd post some pics of the new additions.

    Moddiction Blue Tinted Convex Mirrors.

    JVC Head Unit and ProclipUSA Mount

    Lamin-X Tinted Bumper Markers

    Stock Fogs vs. TRS Morimoto XB LED Fogs

    Roadster Emblem

    IL Motorsports Center Console with custom LED and LED Footwell Lights

    Mazdaspeed Muffler

    Hella Sharptones and Better Shot of TRS Fogs

    Good-Win Racing Coolant Tank (just arrived today )

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    Shortly after ordering the GWR coolant tank, I realized that it was just too darn pretty for an OEM cap.

    So I started searching for an aftermarket cap. That's when I realized there isn't much out there, that appealed to me anyway. I liked the Apexi but wish it didn't come in gold, couldn't find the Arc in an NC fitment and wasn't crazy about the color (red) of the HKS. That's when I remembered Adam over at who makes custom inserts for oil caps. After a few emails, he made a Model80 insert for me in a custom size. I promptly ordered an OEM cap knowing it would be transformed into something I felt was worthy of the GWR tank.

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    Made some subtle changes in the engine bay to dress it up. First up and maybe not so subtle is a custom oil cap I bought from a member over on I thought about buying the MS3 oil cap but they only come in red. In addition I replaced the stock nuts for the air box, coolant tank, A/C bracket, windshield washer tank and ABS bracket with aluminum flanged dome nuts from

    Oil Cap

    Air Box Before and After

    Coolant Tank and A/C Bracket Before and After

    Windshield Washer Tank and ABS Bracket Before and After (For the windshield washer tank, I replaced the bolt with a 6mm socket cap bolt and 23mm drilled washer)

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    Now with pictures, but not for you! chiefmg's Avatar
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    I like that. It's clean and subtle.
    '81 RX-7, '00 Miata SE, '06 RX-8 (wife's), '15 CX-5 GT AWD.

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    Thanks Mike. But now I find myself looking at the bay trying to decide what to "clean up" next. :/ Dropped the coolant tank off with the powder coater on Friday morning. He might have it done this week!

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    Installed the GWR tank today! It took about 20 minutes, having a siphon pump was great for extracting the coolant out of the OEM tank. Also used a torch to heat up the hoses, after about 15 seconds, they slipped right off. I used some 5/8 worm gear clamps for the small hoses and painted them gloss black. Sitting atop it, is an OEM rad cap with custom M80 insert. I had the OEM coolant tank bracket powdercoated gloss black to flow with the newly installed hardware and tank. Upon pulling it off, I realized that white hood rod clip had to go. Found a black one at a local Nissan dealer. Next up, I ordered the IL Motorsports power steering cap cover and A/C check valve caps from Moss. I had these powdercoated Volk Mag Blue along with the coolant tank. The guys in the machine shop at work made some stainless steel covers for the plastic battery and fuse box covers and I had them powdercoated gloss black. Used some silicone to affix them. I know the stock intake is well designed, but that stock air box is killing me. lol Getting these items powdercoated is what prompted me to clean up the hardware with the dome nuts from Pro-Bolt USA.

    Engine Bay - Before

    Engine Bay - After

    GWR Tank / revlimiter M80 Insert / Battery Cover / IL Motorsports PS Cap Cover and H A/C Check Valve Cap

    Zip Ties and Rubber Bands came in handy while the bracket was MIA

    OEM Coolant Tank Bracket / Nissan Hood Rod Clip

    IL Motorsports L A/C Check Valve Cap

    Fuse Box Cover

    So you may be thinking - Why Volk Mag Blue? Well, earlier this year I was contemplating buying new wheels when I needed to buy tires. I shopped (and drove my wife crazy) for a few weeks and finally decided to just keep my stock wheels....for now. While shopping, I found some Volk TE37s in the Mag Blue color and couldn't get it out of my head. Since my stock wheels were chipped and had some light curb rash, I said "what the hell" and set about trying to find a way to duplicate the color. After some googling, I found that All Powder Paints sells a powder named Volk Mag Blue. I ordered a sample along with other samples from other powder companies that seemed close to match, on the monitor. Once I had the samples in hand, I knew that VMB was the winner. My next dilemma was how do I tackle the center caps. The OCD in me was going insane thinking of how they eye would be drawn to that grey center cap in the middle of the wheel. More googling revealed that Duplicolor makes a pretty close match in a spray can known as Ford Royal Medium Blue. Off to Autozone I went, where I bought a can of Ford Medium Blue (guess they dropped the Royal(dunno)) along with a can of primer and clear. It is pretty darn close and IMO looks better than the grey would have. I applied two coats of primer, and three coats each of color and clear. C'mon Spring!

    OEM Wheel with Satin Finish (I will admit, it killed me a little inside to have these sandblasted)

    OEM Wheel Sandblasted

    OEM Wheel in Volk Mag Blue with matching Center Caps

    Center Cap Paint
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    Now with pictures, but not for you! chiefmg's Avatar
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    Words fail me. That is going to look sooooo good.

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    Thanks Mike! I've been dying to get these done so I could see the finished result. Now I'm dying to put them on the car. If we get a nice warm day here, I just might be tempted to throw a pair on to get some pics.

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