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Thread: Intermittent Turning Signal / Hazard Lights

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    Intermittent Turning Signal / Hazard Lights


    I have a 2000 Mazda 323 Automatic GSI 1.8L. The turning signal works intermittently:

    • When the indicators stop working, they all stop working at once. The indicator bulbs stop, the indicator dashboard signals stop, the hazard lights stop (if they are turned on) and the clicking of the relay stops.

    • For the record, all other electrics stay working, including the other dashboard lights.

    • When it stops working, you hear the relay click once then stop. You might then flick the indicator stalk up and down again and it might get going or it might just click again and ... nothing. But when it stops, you always hear the relay click once.

    • I checked the relay to see if there was any corrosion or something visible, like dirt. But everything was squeaky clean.

    • I tried pulling out the hazard switch to see if that was interfering, but that made it stop working completely (the relay didn't even click) so I put it back.

    • It's getting worse.

    I'd like to try and repair it myself but I have no idea what I'm doing. I'd appreciate any advice you have!!

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