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Thread: Pics of my car...

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    Pics of my car...

    here's a few new shots of my car. I washed her all up Saturday afternoon with the summer street tires, then put my track tires on so I could wear them in before the first event of the season on Sunday the 13th. BTW, these really show the changes in color since they were taken on a sunny day, then a slightly overcast day.
    Sunny day right after a wash:


    Overcast day but still nice and clean:

    And the new Tires:

    Dunblop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec, in a 225/50/16. VERY Grippy in street use, can't wait to try them out at an auto-x!

    I'm gonna try and get some night shots of the car with the HID fogs one of these days, just gotta bust out my tripod...
    2007 3S Grand Touring

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    looking good man! nice looking tires there

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    :xxrotflmao: :xxrotflmao: :xxrotflmao:
    Given that they were able to coast after that happened, it leads me to believe that Mitsubishi trannies suck so much they don't even make good anchors. :D

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    lol, thank god I was wearing clothes! I'm sure that the neighbors would be giving me some REALLY weird looks if I wasn't!
    2007 3S Grand Touring

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    Nice Josh!

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    lookin good josh!!

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