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Thread: 03 mazdaspeed protege manuel Transmission question

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    03 mazdaspeed protege manuel Transmission question

    I have a 03 mazdaspeed protege and it's manuel. The other day I was driving and it decided to cut off On me. Now whenever I start it and let the clutch out it makes a grinding noise. It goes into all the gears fine but will barely move. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    Anyone wanting to answer your query will require more information. What exactly happened when "it decided to cut off"? What is it that will barely move, the shifter or the car itself?

    BTW, any Mazda with the name Mazdaspeed will be a manual. You don't want advice from anyone who doesn't already know that.
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    It just cut off. No warning no nothing. And it starts up fine but when you let the clutch out It makes a grinding noise. And it goes through all the gears fine but when you drive it it doesn't wat to move

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    Agreed, you probably blew the welds on the LSD.

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    How would I be able to tell for sure that that's what happend? can I see that from the outside?

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    No. Trans needs to come out.

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