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Thread: New Online Magazine for Track Day Enthusiasts

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    New Driving Technique Article:

    False choice #1: Smoothness vs. Aggression

    "Clearly, we want to avoid weight transfer spikes. This is the simplest explanation of why being smooth is preferable to being abrupt."

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    Thanks and enjoy.

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    New Article:

    Fred Pack: Fifty Years and Overcoming Fears

    "Our instinct for self-preservation leads us to repeat a few bad habits on the track. The key manifestations of fear are coasting, being timid on the brakes and applying throttle late in a corner exit."

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    New How To Article:

    Homebrew Trailer Tire Rack
    By Chad Morehead

    "Up until recently I have been carrying my extra race slicks and rain tires in the back of my truck."

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