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Thread: New Online Magazine for Track Day Enthusiasts

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    New Online Magazine for Track Day Enthusiasts

    My wife and I are both track day drivers and we have started a free online magazine catering exclusively to the track day driver enthusiast. We welcome you to visit our website at

    Check out just some of our original articles:

    Track designer Alan Wilson is interviewed
    A review of smart phone data and video logging apps and interview with the developer of Track Attack
    An interview with the developer of RaceRender video editing software and the smart phone app, TrackAddictHD
    An interview with Daniel McCoey who is a time trial driver and a track prep shop owner in Australia on track modifications
    Reviews of race track facilities NCCAR in North Carolina (designed by Lotus) and The FIRM in Starke Florida
    Two articles on efforts to reduce street racing by youths

    and How To articles on our How To and Getting Started tabs

    There are Mazda press releases on our Press Release tab.

    Please check the 13 articles on our home page. By clicking 'Read More" or the title, you can go right to the original material.

    Michael and Ziva

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    The May issue of is up! We've featured one of Paul Newman's favorite tracks, Brainerd International Raceway; everyone's dream kit car 818, developed by Factory Five Racing; Apache helicopter pilot turned track day enthusiast Chad Morehead; what to look for when modifying your brakes for track days; the ins and outs of track day insurance coverage and much more. We've also added turn-by-turn breakdowns of your favorite tracks so take a look before you go!

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    Our first reader submission has been published in our magazine. Read about driving instructor Doug Quara's interesting and sometimes hilarious instructing experiences entitled Memoir of a High Performance Driver Education Instructor here:

    "I really thought that in any lap we’d end up running out of room at the exit and do some agricultural activities. But luckily we never did. How many ways can you say “Get up near the wall on the right!! GET UP NEAR THE WALL ON THE RIGHT!!?!?!?”

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    Auto TrackDay Monthly's upcoming June issue is running a story on vintage racer and writer Burt Levy who says, “I went to see a vintage race to do a story for Auto Week about it and I just fell in love. I mean here were all the cars I grew up lusting after. And it’s not just the doing it. It’s the people and the liturgy if you will – you know of being on the inside where you know the people and you know the cars and you know the stories and the wild characters you run into at racing. Racing is full of some great people. It’s just so much more vivid than everyday life. When you’re on a race weekend, it’s like being on a mission. You know what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s very goal oriented. And then you go back to what I call the mindless slop of everyday life. And you can’t wait to get back to the track.” While you're waiting to read more about Burt Levy in June, if you haven't already, read some of our current articles on brake upgrades, track insurance, track cars, getting started and how-to’s.
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    Our June issue is up. Read about Gene Felton who restores old, retired NASCAR race cars for track day use, how Hooked On Driving is doing its part in broadening the track day hobby, a behind the scenes look at the motorsports industry through the eyes of Timothy Frost, and much more!

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    If you haven't yet, check out this month's feature on vintage race car driver and author Burt Levy, data logging distributor Austin Motorsports and the Tire Rack's life saving program Street Survival!

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    Visit our magazine at and follow the link to our new downloads page. You can select a Track Day Manual for Beginners or Intermediates and a Track Driver’s Logbook or even download all three. Thanks for supporting our magazine!

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    We've published our July issue! Please come take a look. Your ongoing support of our magazine has been much appreciated and is allowing us to keep it going. This issue covers Part 2 of Burt Levy and his writing career, David Ray of Hooked on Driving wherein he discusses his coaching techniques, and much more!

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    Due to popular demand and repeated requests, Auto TrackDay Monthly will begin publishing its articles as they are submitted and/or upon their completion. We’ve just published our latest article. Please click here to read about track driver coach Chris Sneed of Sneed’s Speed Shop:

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    We hope you've been enjoying our magazine. We just published our most recent article which features the documentary Where They Raced about the long lost board tracks of L.A. Also, if you haven't yet, explore the site a bit and check out some of our how-to driving techniques underneath the how-to's tab at the top of the page.

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