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Thread: New Online Magazine for Track Day Enthusiasts

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    Ingrid Steffensen’s book Fast Girl, although about track days, getting to track days, being at tracks, eating at tracks....well basically living the track day world, is really also about life. Check out our latest article - our review of Fast Girl, Ingrid Steffensen's account of her personal journey from college professor to track warrior. Ingrid is a track day driver, instructor for the BMW CCA and a contributor to Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets Weekly.

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    How would you like to own an F-150 or SVT Raptor used in the Baseball Hall of Fame parade? Such greats as Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax and Cal Ripken, Jr. rode in the backs of 25 F-150s supplied by the Ford Motor Company. They happen to make good tow vehicles too. Read our latest article:

    The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and the Ford Motor Company Join Forces Around a Parade of F-150s


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    Ross Bentley has been very generous with his time and support. He has participated in an interview for two articles and is contributing to our series on driving techniques. Ross has been getting the word out about our magazine and our content and we wanted to get the word out about his upcoming webinar, Inner Speed Secrets. This is a new format for him and it is launching next week on the 14th. The deadline to register is on October 10, 2014, this Friday. We feel this will be a real opportunity for our readers to improve their driving skills and we urge you to sign up. We will be in on the call ourselves!

    Read our article about Inner Speed Secrets at:

    Here is what Ross has to say about the webinar:

    "The most effective training I've ever done for performance and race drivers is my Inner Speed Secrets program. But previously, I've only delivered it in person which made it unavailable to many drivers. So now I'm doing a webinar version of it. Drivers know the mental game is critical, and yet they rarely have an opportunity to develop that part of their driving performance. Now they do. I'll be doing an Inner Speed Secrets webinar spread over 4 evenings, October 14, 15, 21 and 22, from 8:30-10:00pm Eastern/5:30-7:00pm Pacific - a total of 6 hours of training. Registration is limited - and closes on October 10th. Go to right now to reserve your spot. It's available at the discounted price of $99 right now - if you miss it, you'll get left behind.”

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    Peter Krause is one of the preeminent driving coaches in the world of track days and motorsports. He was kind enough to allow us to reprint his turn-by-turn analysis of his home track, Virginia International Raceway.

    Read Krause's description of a hot lap at Virginia International Raceway (VIR):

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    Threshold Braking & Beyond
    By Jerry Austin, Ross Bentley, Satch Carlson, Peter Krause, Burt Levy, Chris Sneed and Ingrid Steffensen

    We know you are hungry for technique related articles. So periodically, we will be surveying our panel of subject matter experts and combine their input into one single article covering a specific driving technique from multiple perspectives. We are very excited to share with you our assembled experts for this first go-around: Jerry Austin of Austin Motorsports, specializing in data analysis and data logging equipment; Ross Bentley of Speed Secrets and driving coach; Satch Carlson, Editor, Roundel Magazine; Peter Krause of Peter Krause and Associates and driving coach; Burt Levy, vintage racer, coach, columnist and novelist of many books such as his acclaimed The Last Open Road; Chris Sneed, owner of Sneed’s Speed Shop, instructor for PCA, BMW CCA and NASA, and professional racer in the Pirelli World Challenge series; and Ingrid Steffensen, BMW CCA instructor, professor, author and contributor to Bentley's Speed Secrets.

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    Our latest article:

    Palm Beach International Raceway & The Palm Beach Driving Club

    We met with Aidy Alonzo, V.P. of Marketing and Communications at Palm Beach International Raceway, and Jackie Rea, Assistant Manager of the Palm Beach Driver’s Club to talk about new developments at PBIR’s motorsports complex in South Florida.

    “When Corvette launched the C7 last year, they brought about 40 C7s in every color. You looked around out there and it was like looking at Skittles. It was like a rainbow! It was beautiful. No one had seen that many C7s in one place at the same time."

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    "At one stage I was one of 36 drivers in the world with a Formula One Superlicense! I have driven so many fantastic race cars – most drivers just dream of."

    In this issue, we review Driven by Desire: The Desiré Wilson Story, a book about one of the great race car drivers of a past generation, written by her husband Alan Wilson.

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    Dev Clough is the Head Coach for Hooked On Driving. He was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview. Dev had some interesting things to say about coaching, how to get started and how to continue to learn and improve. He also had some useful insights on the current crop of performance cars suitable for track day driving and which car modifications to focus on. Read the article here:

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    "A common scenario that enthusiasts have encountered over the years was that if you did attend some of these other track events, the leadership would engage in babysitting and you would get a lot of negative direction; or warning drivers about the consequences of bad behavior or threatening to throw you out of the event if you did something wrong. That early environment was rather like elementary school teachers talking to kids."

    Read more of what Mark Hicks of Chin Motorsports has to say about track day providers here:

    Don't forget to get your track day manuals and log book:

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    After a holiday hiatus, we're back with some great reads for you. Check out our latest article, an interview with former Griot's Garage president and founder of, Mark Greene. "My father bought a 1947 MGTC when I was 5 years old. That is my trigger car. I remember riding on the platform that is behind the driver’s seat with my sister. No seatbelts and our heads were above mom and dad’s. The wind in our faces was fabulous. There was a bar across the back of the driver and passenger seats that my dad called the “Chicken Bar.” He would say, “If you are a chicken you’ll hold on. Otherwise put your hands in the air like you’re on a roller coaster!”

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