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Thread: Holy $#!^, not only did I find one but I bought it!

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    jeff, you should clean the under belly and undercoat the crap out of it!
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    Wow, over 2yrs without an update. Where to start....

    Maintenance wise:
    Sanded and polished the hazing headlights
    Replaced the lovely green radiator along with t-stat, hoses and fresh coolant
    A couple of oil changes

    JVC head unit
    Shorty antenna
    Smoked bumper markers, front and rear
    15x7 Konig Dial Ins wrapped in 205/50/15 Direzza DZ102s with McGard silver spline drives lugs and black 949racing valve stems for summer duty
    15x6 MB Interlines wrapped in 195/55/15 Altimax Arctics for winter duty
    CarbonMiata seatbelt extenders
    Some custom vinyl by Barry aka Jackelope

    Here she is wearing her summer shoes

    Here she is wearing her winter shoes
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    Now that I've updated with the good news, I'll drop the bad news.

    On 12/17/14 (yes, almost 9 months to the day that I bought her), a tractor trailer clipped the DS rear quarter panel on my commute to work. It sent me for a scary spin and luckily the car stopped with about two feet to spare before slamming into a concrete barrier. I had a concussion, from hitting the soft top frame, along with some neck/shoulder pain (from previous encounter with tractor trailer in the P5) and left knee pain but I was able to walk into the ER under my own power. A witness who stopped was amazed that I wasn't hurt more or even killed given the size difference of the vehicles. I was out of work for six weeks due to the concussion and had several OT sessions. Felt like I was back in elementary school with some of the tests I was given. In April of 2015, I underwent arthroscopic knee surgery as PT wasn't helping with the pain or swelling. Here I had some torn cartilage due to the impact with the door card.

    Sadly, Lexi gave her life for me that day. Three days before Christmas the insurance company called to tell me that they deemed her a total loss.

    Here is the last picture I took of her.
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