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Thread: Hi from Croatia :)

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    Hi from Croatia :)

    Hello everybody,
    my name is Luka, I'm from Croatia and I'm new to this forum (we have Mazda forum in Croatia) and i would like to ask few questions and answer to those i know answer to

    I drive pretty much stock Mazda 323 from 2002 with that turbodiesel 101hp engine with which some of you are not really familiar.

    *not stock parts are white side turn lights and alloy 15" wheels and some LEDs inside and outside

    thats it for now

    P.S. Sorry for my not 100% accurate english :P

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    Welcome! Any pictures?
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    I'd love that engine in my 02 protege hatch (323F) Welcome to TMF!
    roadster love.

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    Hi, I wasn't here in a while so I'm back with some pictures.
    I bought some 15" alloys with proper tires (used one). I painted my brake clippers, find some mirrors in colour, white side turn signals and this is how it looks now.
    Current mileage 166000+ km

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    Looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRIAN MP5T View Post
    Looks great!
    I was wondering how would it look like with white brake calipers, do you find it cool?

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