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Thread: New Miata (NC) Entusiast in DC

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    New Miata (NC) Entusiast in DC

    Hello Friends,

    I recently decided that I wanted to get into autocross (STR), so picked up a 2006 Miata GT. I love it! My wife's only stipulation for my new hobby was that I get a roll bar. It might add unnecessary weight, but I'll take it! I have a tight budget, but I think I can manage.

    Plans include:

    - Coilovers (probably H&R street so that the ride is smooth enough to avoid complains on weekend trips from my better half)
    - Sway bars
    - 17x9 wheels... Probably with 245 40 tires (and rolled fenders)
    - Street rated headers and full exhaust package
    - Harddog M3
    - Perhaps a front lip.

    I think this combo will make a fun autocross car. Any feedback is much appreciated!

    I'm excited!

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    Sounds like a great plan!

    Welcome to TMF...we are kind of an odd bunch, but we love our mazdas. Oh and let's see some pics of it!
    roadster love.

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