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I'm not sure where to make this thread but in worst case the moderators will redirect it.

This thread concerns every G-type transmission.

People were talking on www.mazdas247.com for a long time with the guy of MFactory about making a stronger gear set for the G-type transmission... It is now taking place!!!

MFactory already have a stronger gear set (3rd. 4th. 5th) that holds easily 350whp and is available for te G series at 800$+shipping but it is a close gear with limited top speed of 109 mph.

This gear set is designed for small and medium road race circuits but not very daily friendly unless you don't matter cruising at high RPM and limited top speed.


1st - 3.307 35mph

2nd - 1.842 63mph

3rd - 1.310 89mph

4th - 0.970 120mph

5th - 0.755 154mph

Final - 4.105

MFactory Road Race set

1st - 3.307 35mph

2nd - 1.842 63mph

3rd - 1.580 73mph

4th - 1.280 91mph

5th - 1.063 109mph

If you increase rev limit to 8K your speed for each gear would be 43, 78, 90, 112, 134mph respectively assuming stock tire diameter. However i've heard there was another final drive ratio offered in the 4cy MX6 & Probe SE that was around a 3.850 (still trying to verifiy exactly which model), your mph's would much closer to the factory mph for each gear. Perhaps this was covered already.


There is a group interest right now about making a stronger gear set that would hold more than 350whp and that would be much closer to factory ratios with a longer final drive (that would even help MPG)

If you're interested in the project, just check this link: http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showt...for-the-MP-MSP

Be aware that this also concerns the BG platform as they also use G-type transmission... you 1st gen lovers!

Thanks for reading!